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an adventure story for girls and boys, ages 8 to12.
Winnie Wackwitz with Jo Barnes, Illustrated by Ruth McAnespy.

MYSTERY OF THE SWAMP LIGHTS was inspired by persistant rumors about inexplicable lights observed in the swamps along Bayou Grosse Tete, deep in rural south Louisiana. It draws upon actual people, places and events experienced by ten year old Winnie Davis living an unfettered Tom Sawyer-like childhood during the 1930's in an environment rich in social, racial and ethnic cultures. Colorful characters abound. Winnie leads three male companions in her determination to solve the mystery of the lights. Success was finally achieved after overcoming formidable obstacles and terrifying misadventures. The story proved to be a spell-binder for both boys and girls in three fifth grade classes that critiqued the manuscript.

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Winnie Wackwitz
2205 E Pecan Lane
Plano, TX TX 75074


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