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Vicki Moss is author of three novels, Solo Flights, The Amboy Duchess, and The Lust Chart, as well as Blood Memories, a book of short stories, and Alien On the Road, a poetry memoir. The Lust Chart is scheduled to be published in 2008 by Horsetooth Press, the same company that published the other four books. She has also written five children's books, and has been a reporter for daily newspapers, winning Gannett awards for investigative reporting, and a freelance business journalist. She has been an adjunct professor of English at the SUNY/Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City since 1989, where she teaches literature and writing courses.

Solo Flights, 285 pp. Horsetooth Press, $14

1972. Runaways to Haight Ashbury are as numerous as anti-war demonstrators. Fifteen-year-old Peter Frankel and three buddies head west in a yellow van, a rainbow arc on its side saying: Rainbow Rollers. The boy's divorced parents, Jennifer and Mitch, follow false leads to New England communes looking for him, while Anna, his grandma's ghost, flies over the van on a wild adventure, her wispy gray hair blowing in the wind, as she keeps her eye on the musicians in case they run into trouble. 

The Amboy Duchess, 407 pp. Horsetooth Press, $16

In the pre-dawn hours of November 12, 1941, Avi Tannen was found murdered in his car just blocks from where the head of Murder Inc., Abe Reles, fell to his death. Tannen's daughter, Winnie, who was nine, still relives those hours when she hears sirens. Now, 32 years later, appointed New Business Developer at Allerton Bank, Winnie becomes an instant celebrity serving the women's market. Remaking Allerton into "the bank that's friendly to women," she discovers the bank president's dubious past, and is drawn into an investigation of payroll padding, questionable loans and racketeering that reveals her father's killer and her family's Prohibition-era activities.


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