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For use by researchers, educators and students, VFA has converted DVD to MP4 format the complete unabridged videos of its reunions, conferences and awards events from 1993 to 2016. Leaders and activists reminisce about their experiences in the company of sister/fellow feminists. VFA made this historic treasure possible by presenting more than 25 major feminist events throughout the United States and videotaping them for posterity.

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NOW 50 Years Celebration
Washington, DC  - June 24 - 25, 2016


Link:  VFA and NOW in Washington 2016

 Edited by Eleanor Pam

Compilation & Design by Jan Cleary

Muriel Fox, founder of NOW and Chair of the Board of VFA, took the initiative to schedule a VFA Board meeting
to coincide with the NOW 50th anniversary conference in Washington DC, in late June. 

Muriel saw an opportunity for VFA members to tell the story of the founding of NOW and to let the NOW membership know
about VFA as an organization and our role in preserving the history of second wave feminism.

She was right. Mary Jean Collins

Link:  Mary Jean Collins Report

Link: C-span Report

Harvard Club Luncheon, NYC
21, 2014

Barbara Love, chair of the October 21 blockbuster,  revealed that reservations had been sold out since July. In her opening remarks, Barbara stressed that is that we are in the women's movement for the long haul, over generations. She pointed out the table tent cards recognizing deceased feminists whose accomplishments give us courage. And that the histories of so many in the room, many documented by VFA could someday provide a young woman with the courage to make a difference

The incomparable Gloria Steinem then stepped to the podium and presented VFA’s Lifetime Achievement Award to Muriel Fox. The citation applauded Muriel, VFA’s chair of the board and co-founder of NOW, for a “half-century of history-making, inspiring service as Co-Founder, Leader and Activist in …organizations that have improved life for women and girls …Brilliant Publicist who introduced the modern women’s movement to the world’s media … Persuasive Ambassador to the business world for feminist organizations .. Role model in business, public affairs and humanitarian service.”

In Muriel’s acceptance speech she stressed that the feminist movement has succeeded because it comprises “not just a handful of famous leaders, but many thousands of leaders who have fought to eliminate the injustices that made each one of them mad.”  She reminded critics of the movement that “we’re only in the middle of our revolution, and we know there’s lots more to get done.”

LINK:  HarvardNYC2014

Labor & the Women's Movement,  St. Louis, MO
September 27, 2014

“Labor & the Women’s Movement:  The untold story and why it matters” was a VFA event held at the Renaissance Grand Hotel in St. Louis, MO,
on September 27, 2014.  This is a report on the results of that event.

VFA Treasurer Pam Ross lives in St. Louis, and she suggested a VFA event focused on the labor movement to be held in St. Louis.  The VFA events committee worked with Pam on the planning and execution of the event.  That committee is chaired by Sheila Tobias and includes VFA board members Mary Jean Collins,
Mary-Ann Lupa and Kathy Rand.

As we began work on the event, we learned of leading historians who had studied and written extensively on the subject of women and labor.  We were able to secure several of them with payment of their expenses only – we paid no speaker fees.  We created a program that was designed to interest both feminist and labor audiences.

Labor & the Women's Movement Disc 1 of 4 Labor & the Women's Movement Disc 2 of 4 Labor & the Women's Movement Disc 3 of 4 Labor & the Women's Movement Disc 4 of 4


Kate Millett Festival

June 24, 2012

Judson Memorial Church – New York City;  

What a wonderful time we had! Such fond memories, songs and reminiscences. I feel very honored and so grateful to my dear friend Eleanor Pam, for her delightful, and ever capable presence as producer and MC extraordinaire; to my dearest comrade, Sophie Keir, whose creative skills and loving generosity smoothed the way; to Sheila Tobias, the consummate academic who promoted and held fast to the concept of festschrift; to Jan Cleary for creating the wonderful CD of my work and to Amy Hackett for holding it all together by the purse strings.

I want to thank Maggie Peyton for representing Scott Stringer, our Manhattan Borough President. Whoever thought our ragged band of rabble rousers would one day receive a Commendation from The City of New York! Given that so many of our demonstrations blocked traffic in New York, the least we ever expected was a Summons.

My thanks to everyone who attended and to those who couldn't come but sent greetings. I especially want to thank my old friends, Susan Brownmiller, Jacqui Ceballos, Phyllis Chesler, Linda Clarke, Muriel Fox, Madeline Gins, Ann Keating, Barbara Love, Alix Kates Shulman, Gloria Steinem, and my new friends, Shelby Knox and Terry O’Neill; my favorite musicians: Alix Dobkin and Sandy Rapp; and my special thanks to Joan Casamo, whose guitar and voice has, for so many years, accompanied all the good times at the farm; and to my buddies, Sidney Abbott, Robin Morgan and Yoko Ono whose messages filled the day with yet more memories.

To each and to all for your wonderful words; and for creating such a meaningful and memorable day at Judson.

LINK:  2012 Kate Millett Festival PART 1  LINK: 2012 Kate Millett Festival PART 2


Honoring The Legacy of Betty Friedan, NYC, June 7, 2011

EQUALITY...I AM WOMAN  Premiered June 17, 2011 at VFA's Tribute to Betty Friedan and the NYC 1970 March down Fifth Avenue at the National Arts Building, Gramercy Park, NYC.

This inspirational documentary of the 1970 Women's Strike for Equality features the music of Helen Reddy, narration by Gloria Steinem and Jacqui Ceballos, excerpts from Betty Friedan's speech in Bryant Park, and images by photojournalist Bettye Lane and others. The historic, archival footage documents the lagest gender equality event in US history, where fifty thousand gathered in New York City to celebrate. It also acknowledges the contribution of the early pioneer feminists.

Helen Reddy's hit song, I Am Woman, sets the tone for the exciting era. Betty Friedan's stirring speech addresses the 'unfinished business' of equality for women of all ages and races. Gloria Steinem describes how the March 'changed our consciousness', and makes reference to the 'cult of masculinity' that has dominated our culture. Jacqui Ceballos, Founder of Veteran Feminists of America, shares her vivid memories of the Women's Strike for Equality that commemorated the 50th anniversary of women's right to vote in the US (19th Amendment). The spirit of the March, as captured in the film, should reach out and inspire women of the world today.

Special “Open Mic” guests at the tribute and screening included such notable feminists as Muriel Fox, Founder of NOW, Karen DeCrow, Chair of the Women’s Strike for Equality and former NOW President, Ann ( no e) O’Shea, Betty Friedan’s Assistant in 1972 and now the Assistant Justice of the New York Supreme Court. Hilde Caren, Betty Friedan’s assistant for the last fourteen years of Betty’s life. Other close friends of Betty Friedan shared their memories as well. Renowned Artist Linda Stein who was recently featured defending women’s equality in the film by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen a k a Ali G, “Borat”, presented the VFA with a portrait of Betty Friedan.

LINK: 2011 June 7th, Honoring Betty Friedan, NYC



Pursuing Women's Rights at Home and Abroad

March 19, 2010

On Friday, March 19th,I was fortunate to be surrounded by some of this country’s most inspirational women, who were gathered at The Women’s Museum in Dallas for the Veteran Feminists of America event “The Gender Agenda: Beyond Borders.” For the 250 of us in attendance, the event provided a chance to reflect upon women’s past, women’s present and women’s future. One hundred years ago we could not even vote; today, we are half the workforce; in the future, there’s still much to achieve.



Interview in Delray Beach, 2009

LINK: Delray Interview 2009


Salute to Feminist Lawyers Honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Harvard Club, NYC  June 9, 2008

1) Interview with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg by feminist attorney Lynn Hecht Schafran (Legal Momentum, formerly NOW LDEF) (1 hour including Justice Ginsburg’s answers to questions from audience);

2) Talks by honorees – legendary feminist lawyers who litigated trailblazing cases from the period 1963-1975.  Including Sarah Weddington, Barbara Allen Babcock, Janet Benshoof, Roxanne Barton Conlin, Rhonda Copelon, Nancy L. Davis, Karen DeCrow, Nancy S. Erickson, Brenda Feigen, Sonia Pressman Fuentes, Emily Jane Goodman, Janice Goodman, Marcia D. Greenberger, Herma Hill Kay, Jean Ledwith King, Sylvia Law, Judith Lonnquist, Priscilla Ruth MacDougall, Kathleen Peratis, Jane M. Picker, Sylvia Roberts, Susan Deller Ross, Phyllis N. Segal, Nancy Stanley, Nancy Stearns, Wendy Webster Williams (2 hours)

3) Three panels on "Changing the Law", "Changing the Profession" "What's Ahead."  In addition to several of the above honorees, panelists included Cynthia Grant Bowman, Betty Weinberg Ellerin, Sybil Shainwald, Cynthia Fuchs Epstein, Valorie K. Vojdik, Kristin Booth Glen, Sandra Goldschein, Catherine J. Douglass.  (2 hours)

LINK: 2008  June 9th, Fem Lawyers, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Part 1
LINK: 2008  June 9th, Fem Lawyers, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Part 2 LINK: 2008  June 9th, Fem Lawyers, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Part 3



Second celebration also celebrates Feminists Who Changed America 1963-1975.  Pioneers sharing reminiscences included artist Muriel Magenta, attorney Bette Adelman, authors Himilce Novas and Susan Koppelman, Women’s Studies pioneer Janet Elsea, attorney Dr Dina Evan, and feminist leaders Nola Claire, Karen Keesling, Dr Mildred Bullpitt, Jane Merritt, Ariel, and Margot Champagne.  Michele Ceballos introduced her mother Jacqui Ceballos.  Sheila Tobias introduced Barbara Love, editor of Feminists Who Changed America, 1963-1975.  Several young women expressed their appreciation to the pioneer feminists and credited their achievements to them and their work.

LINK: 2007 May 6th, Honoring Barbara Love and FWCA Part 1  LINK: 2007 May 6th, Honoring Barbara Love and FWCA Part 2



November 13, 2006

"Feminists Who Changed America 1963-1975"

Columbia University Faculty House and Barnard College, New York City.

LUNCHEON RAP SESSION led by Sheila Tobias.  Dozens of feminists honored in the book looked back on their experiences and forward to the present.

SYMPOSIUM on “Past Victories & Mistakes, Future Challenges,” chaired by Muriel Fox.  Panelists included David Brock (author of Blinded by the Right), Gloria Steinem, Catharine Stimpson, Heather Booth, Gracia Molina-Pick and Marcia Ann Gillespie (former editor Ms Magazine)

RECEPTION featured performance by feminist singer-songwriter Margie Adam and talks by Barnard President Judith S. Shapiro, photographer Bettye Lane, and Janet Jakobsen, director of the Barnard College Center for Research on Women.

BOOK CELEBRATION DINNER featured Barbara J. Love, editor of Feminists Who Changed America 1963-1975, and further reminiscences by feminists honored in the book.

LINK: 2006 November 13th FWCA Debut. 
Part 1
LINK: 2006 November 13th  FWCA Debut.  Part 2 LINK: 2006 November 13th  FWCA Debut.  Part 3 LINK: 2006 November 13th  FWCA Debut.   Part 4 LINK: 2006 November 13th  FWCA Debut.  Part 5 LINK: 2006 November 13th  FWCA Debut.  Part 6

LINK: 2006 November 13th FWCA Debut.  Part 7



Crowne Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles.

Honorees: Judith Meuli, Jennifer Abod, Rosalie Abrams, Margie Adam, Marlene Crosby, Ivy Bottini, David Dinsmore, Brenda Feigen, Joanne Parent, Dorothy Jonas, Dr Betty Brooks, Ron Hall, Margaret Houghton, Lyla Karp, Darby Mangen, Susan Nehrer, Zoe Nicholson, Gloria Orenstein, Jeanne Peters, Kame Roberts, Dr Kimberly Salter, Laurie Schur, Marsie Scharlott, Charlene Suneson, Ellen Snortland, Jean Stapleton, Dr Nancy Toder, Dr Laurie Moss, Anita Weiss, Martha Wheelock, Jesse Williams, others.

LINK: 2006 May 1st,  Helen Reddy, Fem.Maj.Bldg,   LINK: 2006 May 1st,  Judith Meuli, Fem.Maj.Bldg,



Held in Cromwell, CT.

Helen Z. Pearl and Sheila Tobias, Co-Chairs "Reproductive Rights and Politics" .... "Feminism & Work: Paid, Unpaid & Underpaid" .... "Women's Roles & Images: Sports, Popular Culture, the Arts" ....Awards Dinner Speakers included Jennine Gorman, Catherine Roraback, Suzanne  Benton,  Barbara  G. Lifton, Kay V.Bergin, Ruthe Boyea, Susan Yolen, Lucy Goddard, Eesha Pandit, Joyce Jacobsen, Lucille Dickess, Leslie Gabel­ Brett, Mary McDaniel,  Liza  Featherstone,  Robin  Sheppard, Jackie Arsenuk, Yolande Spears, Tricia Lin, Amy Kesselman, Donna Brunstad, Alice Chapman, K.D. Codish, Connie Comfort, Rev. Dr Davida Foy Crabtree, Barbara W. DeBaptiste, Terry Ferguson, Rev. Elizabeth Frazier, Beth Gibbs, Fredrica Gray, Rhea Hirshman, Betty Hudson, Nancy Lister, Ruth  Mantak,  Mary McDaniel, Susan Meredith, Ann Hill, Jeanne Mistein, Minerva Neiditz, Joann Onacki, Christine Pattee, Ellen Ash Peters, Judy Pickering, Susan Pogue, Diane Polan, Gail Shea, . Virginia Stuermer M.D., Kate Swift, Suzanne S. Taylor, Elga Wasserman, Alice Williams, Susan Wolfson.

LINK: 2005 April 16th  Fem Values – Intergen Part 1  

   LINK: 2005 April 16th  Fem Values – Intergen Part 2



Holiday Inn  Newton, Massachusettes

Co-Chairs:  Bonnie Howard and Priscilla Leith.   Panels: “The Law and the EEOC” .... “Early Cases” .... “Extending Workplace Benefits & Protections” .... “Women in Non-Traditional Jobs” .... “Backlash and Response: Combating the Threats” .... “Wal-Mart and Current Cases” … “Alternatives to Title VII”   “Start Your Own Business” .... “Employment & Economic Challenges Ahead” .... Panelists included Aileen Hernandez, EEOC Commissioner (1965-66), William H. Brown III (EEOC Chair, 1969-1973), Lorena Weeks (plaintiff in Weeks v Southern Bell), Nathalie Norris (plaintiff in Norris v State of AZ), Phyllis Segal, Kathryn Rodgers, Martha Davis, Lois Herr, Muriel Fox, Sheila Tobias, Jacqui Ceballos, Betsy Dunn, Anne Ladky (founding director of Women Employed), Kathleen Casavant.  Newsweek columnist and author Eleanor Clift was dinner speaker.  

LINK: 2004 May 1st& 2nd  Celebrate 40 years Title VII  Part 1of 9

LINK: 2004 May 1st& 2nd Celebrate 40 years Title VII  Part 4 of 9

LINK: 2004 May 1st& 2nd Celebrate 40 years Title VII  Part 7 of 9

LINK: 2004 May 1st& 2nd Celebrate 40 years Title VII  Part 2 of 9

LINK: 2004 May 1st& 2nd Celebrate 40 years Title VII  Part 5 of 9

LINK: 2004 May 1st& 2nd Celebrate 40 years Title VII  Part 8 of 9

LINK: 2004 May 1st& 2nd Celebrate 40 years Title VII   Part 3 of 9

LINK: 2004 May 1st& 2nd Celebrate 40 years Title VII  Part 6 of 9

LINK: 2004 May 1st& 2nd Celebrate 40 years Title VII   Part 9 of 9



At Center for Research on Women and Gender of University of Illinois at Chicago. "Unfinished Business of the Women's Movement." Dr Judith Kagan Gardiner and Joanne Kantrowitz, Co-Chairs.   Topics included "How the MidWest was Won - the Untold History of the Women's Movement in the Heartland" .... "Women's Health" .... "How Politics Change Women's Lives" .... "The Work/Family Conflict and Feminist Solutions" .... "Women of Color and the Women's Movement" .... "Dangers and Opportunities" .... "Work and Employment Issues" .... "Getting Out the Vote" .... "Countering the Right" .... "Reproductive Rights" .... "Women, Religion and Politics".... "Where Do We Go From Here - Moving Toward a Brighter Future"        Speakers included, among others, Mary Lynn Myers, Sara Evans, Rev. Addie Wyatt, Laurel Prussing, Virginia Martinez, Courtney Bell, Judy Long, Sheila Tobias, Ann Crittenden, Maureen Ryan, Alice Palmer, Ruth Mojica-Hammer, Heather Booth, Mary JeanCollins, Veronica Arreola, Anne Ladky, Judith Lonnquist, Margaret Schmid, Alice Tregay, Kimberly Roberts, Pauline Chow, Tracy Smith, Susan Ross, Ann Feldman, Virginia Watkins, Muriel Fox, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky.

(Part2 and Part 4 Missing)

LINK: 2004  August 27and28 Honor Midwest Fems  Chicago, IL Part 1 LINK: 2004  August 27and28 Honor Midwest Fems  Chicago, IL Part 3 LINK: 2004  August 27and28 Honor Midwest Fems  Chicago, IL Part 5


Feminist Artists Dinner,  National Art Club, New York City November 6, 2003

PANEL DISCUSSION led by Gloria Orenstein, with Suzanne Benton Judith Brodsky, Betsy Damon, Arlene Raven, Faith Ringgold, Susan Schwalb and Miriam Schapiro.

HONORS DINNER - Chaired by Sheila Tobias. Honorees included all the above and Judith Anderson, Helene Aylon, Cristina Biaggi, Dara Birnbaum. June Diane Burko, Miriam Brumer, Bety Saar, Martha Edelheit, Jean Edelstein, Joanna Fruch, Alice Faxon, Eunice Golden, Silvianna Goldsmith, Nancy Grossman, Harmony Hammond, Paula Harper, Anne Healy, Donna Henes, Joyce Kozloff, Marjorie Kramer, Diana Kurz, Betty LaDuke, Sheila Lamb, Cassandra Langer, Karen LeCocq, Muriel Magenta, Cynthia Mailman, Juanite McNeely, Melissa Meyer, Kate Millett, Sabra Moore, Ferris Olin, Mary Orovan, Pat Passlof, Howardena Pindell, Arlene Raven, Sylvia Sleigh, Athena Tacha, Selina Trieff, Alida Walsh, Ruth Weisberg and Barbara Zucker.   One work of art by each artist was displayed in a special FEMINIST ART EXHIBIT.

LINK: 2003  November 6th 
Feminist Artists  Part 1

LINK: 2003  November 6th 
Feminist Artists  Part 2




Held in Baltimore. Organizer and Chair - Betty Newcomb Honoree/Speakers included Bernice Sandler .... Holly Knox (founder and head of PEER, the Project for Equal Education Rights, and organizer of the National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education) .... Mary Jean Tully early president of NOW Legal Defense & Education Fund and co­ creator of PEER, who obtained the organization's funding) .... Lois Herr. The program was dedicated to the memory of the late Patsy Mink, Ann London Scott and Pauli Murray, who were entered into VFA's new Hall of Fame

LINK: 2002 November 8and9, Honor Title IX  Part 1 LINK: 2002 November 8and9, Honor Title IX, Part 2

LINK: 2002 November 8and9, Honor Title IX, Part 3

LINK: 2002 November 8and9, Honor Title IX, Part 4



At Barnard College , NYC. Co-chairs of day-evening event: Muriel Fox and Sheila Tobias. PANEL DISCUSSIONS with Marilyn French. Co-chairs: Muriel Fox and Sheila Tobias.

Panelists:  Marilyn French, Mary Gordon,  Erica Jong, Judith Rossner, Alix Kates Shulman, Catherine Stimpson ( moderator); Barbara Seaman, Susan Brownmiller, Phyllis Chesler, Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Marlene Sanders (moderator)Audience members participated in the discussion, including younger writer Jennifer Baumgartner (co-author of “Manifesta,” who complained that today’s young women are being unjustly criticized by older feminists.

AWARDS DINNER honoring writers whose writings were important for the feminist movement, including Vivian Gornick, Mary Kay Blakely, Cynthia Fuchs Epstein, Carolyn Heilbrun, Shere Hite, Anselma dell'Olio, Ruth Herschberger, Betty Rollin, and Wendy Sanford and Paula Duress-Worters, co-authors of "Our Bodies Ourselves." 

At  LUNCHTIME RAP SESSION  many of the above writers, and other feminist writers of fiction and non-fiction spoke about their experiences.

LINK: 2002 April 26th, Honoring Writers  Barnard College, NYC Part 1 LINK: 2002 April 26th, Honoring Writers  Barnard College, NYC Part 2

LINK: 2002 April 26th, Honoring Writers  Barnard College, NYC Part 3




HONORING FLORIDA FEMINISTS, April 6, 2002    At Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton.

Co-sponsored by South Palm Beach Chapter of NOW and Florida Atlantic University, VFA held all-day round table discussions with students and veteran feminists on the theme, “Women Speak Out.” Judith Kaplan co-chaired for VFA, with SPBCNOW president Sheila Jaffe and Mary Cameron, director of the Women’s Studies Center at Florida Atlantic University.  Among honorees: Roxy Bolton (who persuaded the U.S. Weather Bureau to stop naming hurricanes after women), Nikki Beare, Florida legislator Elaine Gordon, Ruth Householder, Dr Dorothy Leland Stetson.

LINK: 2002 April 6th Honor Florida Pioneer Feminists FAU



At Barnard College, NYC. Sheila Tobias introduced honoree/speakers Bernice Sandler, Lenore Weitzmann, Jo Freeman, Mariam Chamberlain, Nancy Hoffman, Carol Jacobs, Barbara Gerber, Jane Gould, Beverly Guy- Sheftal, Lois Herr, Florence Howe, Louise Knight, Jeanne Gerlach, Katherine Ellis, Lois Rader Elias, Renate Bridenthal, Kira Brunner, Pauline Bart, Billie Luisa-Potts, Nancy Engbretsen-Lend, Barbara Rubin, Barbara Winslow, Elizabeth Young-Burke, Barbara Tillman, Amy Swerdlow, Ferris Olin, Kate Swift, Barbara Newell, Joyce Nower (founder of Women's Studies in California), Carol Council of San Diego and others - all founders and activists in women's studies programs at colleges and universities throughout the country.

LINK: 2001 June 9th  Women's Studies Scholars  Barnard College, NYC Part 1

LINK: 2001 June 9th  Women's Studies Scholars  Barnard College, NYC Part 2



At Seventh Regiment Armory, NYC. Honoring feminists who created the historic March and Strike, and leaders who entered the movement that day. M.C.s: Susan Brownmiller, Carole DeSaram, Jacqui Ceballos, Kate Millett, Karen DeCrow. Stories about the August 26 nationwide event were related by feminists from NY, NJ, CT, KY, TX and other states.

LINK: 2000 October 18th   30th Annv. Strike for Equality, 7th Regiment Arm, NYC Part 1

LINK: 2000 October 18th   30th Annv. Strike for Equality, 7th Regiment Arm, NYC Part 2



PANEL DISCUSSION: “Betty Friedan's Impact on the 21st Century”: Moderator was NOW co-founder Muriel Fox.  Panelists were Catherine Stimpson, early NOW activist, Dean of Arts and Humanities at NYU; Emma Coleman Jordan, feminist scholar and Anita Hill's lawyer, and Dr. Cynthia Fuchs Epstein, sociologist and early NOW activist.

DINNER HONORING BETTY FRIEDAN, led by m.c. Sheila Tobias , Muriel Fox and Jacqui Ceballos.  Those who came to the microphone to pay tribute to Friedan included: Jacqui Ceballos, Myrna Lamb, Kate Millett, Sheila Tobias, Constance Comer, Muriel Fox, Mary Eastwood, Gene Boyer, Shepard Aronson, Letty Pogrebin, Ronnie Feit, Judith Meuli, Lawrence Lader, Ann Jawin, Karen Decrow, Patricia Burnett, Aleta Styers, Barbara Love, Noreen Connell, Jan Peterson, Vicki Moss, Kathie Sarachild, Eleanor Pam, Betty Schlein, Carole deSaram, Suzanne Benton, Diane Gartner, Peggy Kerry, Florence Dickler, Betty Newcomb, Dell Williams, Linda Lamel, Charlotte Schwab, Evelyn Cunningham, Trudy Mason, Sarah Kovner, and Redstockings, which presented Friedan a bouquet of Red Carnations.  Ford Foundation President Susan Beresford sent an important message, which was read. Betty Friedan spoke, then formally passed the torch to the president of NYC NOW and to the grandaughters of Ceballos and Lamb .

LINK: 1999 Nov 12th  Betty Friedan Salute, Nat'l Arts Club, NYC Part 1

LINK: 1999 Nov 12th  Betty Friedan Salute, Nat'l Arts Club, NYC Part 2


Seawall Belmont House, Washington, DC May 6, 1999

Sheila Tobias was m.c. Honorees/speakers: Elizabeth Boyer, founder of WEAL .... Title IX leader Bernice Sandler . . . Donna Allen (founder of Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press) .... Louise Raggio ("mother" of Texas' pioneering divorce reform law) .... Mary Dent Crisp .... Minnette Doderer .... Arvonne Fraser .... Vera Glaser .... Allie Hixson .... Dusty Roads .... Marian Norby .... Ruth Shinn .... Carmen Delgado Votow .... June Chewning .... Dorothy Haegele .... Mariwyn Heath.

Guests and speakers included Betty Friedan and Patricia Ireland, NOW president.

LINK: 1999 May 6th, ERA Salute, Seawall Belmont House, Washington, DC Part 1

LINK: 1999 May 6th, ERA Salute, Seawall Belmont House, Washington, DC Part 2



November 7, 1998,
Seventh Regiment Armory, NYC.

Gloria Steinem served as m.c.  Artist Patricia Hill Burnett of Detroit unveiled her portrait of Kate Millett and presented it to her.  Other speakers included Betty Friedan (who expressed regret for her previous behavior to Millett) .... Charlotte Bunch .... Anselma dell Olio .... Jo Freeman .... Susan Brownmiller ....Eleanor Pam.... Kate's sister Peg Millett .... women from the Art Colony .... Sheila Tobias .... veteran activists Winnie Wackwitz of Dallas and Virginia Watkins of Minneapolis.

LINK:  Celebrating Kate Millett

HONORS DINNER, APRIL 1998  At Seventh Regiment Armory, New York City.

Honored speakers included historian-author Gerda Lerner .... labor leader Mildred Jeffrey, former president of the National Women's Political Caucus .... Elizabeth Chittick, former president of the National Woman's Party.... Virginia Whitehill, Dallas activist .... Allie Latimer, founder of Federally Employed Women (FEW) .... Flora Crater, ERA organizer ....Paula Kassell, founder and editor of New Directions for Women .... Midge Kovacs, NOW Image Committee chair and implementer of NOWLDEF's first media campaign .... Lawrence Lader, NARAL founder/president .... Betty Barragan, author of "Stories Your Mother Never Told You" and initiator of first lawsuit re sex discrimination in ad agencies .... Claire Fulcher, leader in AAUW, WEAL, United Nations .... Claire    Friedland,    publisher     and    NOW     activist
....Washington D.C. activists, Daisy Fields and Florence Perman.

LINK: 1998 April 25th,  Recollections, Part 1

LINK: 1998 April 25th,  Recollections, Part 2



Held at Seventh Regiment Armory, New York City. Speakers included Radical Feminist leaders Rosalyn Baxandall, Susan Brownmiller, Phyllis Chesler, Alix Kates Shulman, Heather Booth, Jo Freeman, Charlotte Bunch, Sara Evans, Kate Millett, Marilyn Webb, Diana Alstad, Leah Margolis, Jesse Lemisch (husband of Naomi Weisstein), Meredith Tax, and editors of Ms Magazine.

LINK:  1997 December 13th, 30th Annivers Women's Lib



Introduction by Barnard president Judith Shapiro.  Speakers were key NOW founders Betty Friedan, Muriel Fox, Mary Eastwood, Dorothy Haener.

Day Two: DINNER AT SEVENTH REGIMENT ARMORY continued Awards presentations and reminiscences.

NOW Founders who spoke and/or were honored included  former EEOC Commissioner and NOW president Aileen Hernandez, Richard Graham, Gene Boyer, Sonia P. Fuentes, Inez Casiano, Kate Millett, Jacqui Ceballos, Dorothy Austin, Joan Hull, JoAnn Evansgardner, Jerry Gardner, Dr. Carl Degler, Dr. Alice Rossi, former NOW president Karen DeCrow, TV news pioneer Marlene Sanders, Judith Lonnquist, Lucy Komisar, Patricia Trainor, Charlene Suneson, Cindy Cisler, Florence Dickler, Florida state legislator Elaine Gordon, Jo Freeman, Arlie Scott, Dolores Alexander (NOW’s first executive director), Elizabeth Farians (founder of NOW’s Religion Task Force),Judy Pickering, Jim Robson, Cindy Judd Hill, Betty Berry, Mordica Jane Pollock, Sheila Tobias, Grace Jackson, Jean Witter, Nola Claire, Jennifer McLeod, Judith Meuli, Barbara Love, Sydney Abbott, Linda Lamel, Patricia Hill Burnett, Nikki Beare, Dr Shepard Aronson and others.

LINK: 1996  Nov 22nd 30th NOW Anniversary FULL

June 1995     In  Irvington,  NY. 

Co-sponsored  by  Coalition for Family Justice, honoring pioneers for fairness in Marriage and Divorce. Chaired by Jacqui Ceballos. Among those honored were Congressmen  Mark Green and Jerry Nadler; NOW's first chair of the Marriage and Divorce Committee, Betty Berry... founder of Greenwich, CT  NOW,  Elizabeth Spalding; attorney Gloria Jacobs ... Long Island activist, RosalyQ. Kozak, and Monica Getz, founder of the Coalition for Family Justice and others involved in divorce reform, Also there were NOW founder, Muriel Fox... author Barbara Seaman, and  co founder of VFA, Joan Michel.

LINK: 1995  June 3rd   Marriage Conference  Irvington, NY


SALUTE TO PIONEER FEMINISTS, May 1994, Sewall Belmont House in Washington, DC,
home of the National Women's Party.  “Honoring Martha Griffiths” is the title on the dvd. 

Honorees were a special group of legendary feminist activists: Congresswoman Martha Griffiths of Michigan, who helped win inclusion of sex discrimination in Title VII and who attacked EEOC executives brilliantly for failing to enforce its provisions on sex discrimination .... Dorothy Haener of Detroit, NOW founder and United Auto Workers executive who organized most of NOW’s mailings, membership services and printings in its first year .... attorney Phineas Indritz, advisor and speechwriter for Martha Griffiths, active member of NOW’s Legal Committee, winner of major lawsuits including overthrow of Pennsylvania’s Muncy Act, which mandated longer sentences for women prisoners than for men .... NOW founder Betty Friedan .... Virginia Allen, director of the Women's Bureau under President Nixon .... Gene Boyer of Wisconsin, NOW founder and Treasurer, later president of NOW Legal Defense & Education Fund  ....Toni Carabillo, former Communications VP of NOW,  co-founder of The Feminist Majority, and author of The Feminist Chronicles .... Evelyn Cunningham, former head of the New York State Women's Bureau .... Hermine Tobolosky, Dallas lawyer and "the mother of Texas's Equal Rights Law" ... . Dr. Ida Davidoff, founder of a trailblazing Connecticut feminist group.

Honored but not present were Marjory Douglas, early feminist who saved the Florida Everglades, and Nan Wood, former NOW national secretary. (Accepted by Mary Jean Collins, Chicago activist who ran NOW’s national headquarters in the early 1970s.)

Senators Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Dianne Feinstein and Congressman Charles Rangel spoke and presented medals to their honoree friends.

Link: 1994 May 12th  Honor Martha Griffiths Sewall Belmont House


SALUTE TO BELLA ABZUG December 2, 1994

Held at the Seventh Regiment Armory.   Speakers included Shirley MacLaine, Blanche Wiesen Cook, Susan Brownmiller, Gloria Steinem, Flo Kennedy, Phyllis Chesler, Kate Millett, Geraldine Ferraro, Renee Taylor, Jacqui Ceballos, VFA president and former head of NYC NOW.

Bella Abzug moved all to tears when she spoke of missing her husband Martin, who had died a few months before.  She ended by calling on women to demand complete equality in politics and all other aspects of society.  The event closed with Jacqui Ceballos leading the distinguished group in The Battle Hymn of Freedom, to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic... Our eyes have seen the future and rejoice at what's to be; every woman in position to achieve equality...


LINK: 1994 Dec 2nd  Honoring Bella Abzug at 7th Ave. Armory, NYC


SALUTE TO CATHERINE EAST, May 1993 at Seventh Regiment Armory, New York City.

Honoring the woman whom Betty Friedan called "The Midwife of the Feminist Movement" and others called “our mole in Washington.”  The old soldiers mess hall at the Seventh Regiment Armory on Park Avenue in New York City was filled to capacity with women and men who traveled from London, Mexico and all parts of the USA to honor the quiet, gentle woman who secretly shared information and advice about the plight of women in America, based on her years of continuing government experience. East is the person most responsible for prodding Betty Friedan to organize NOW and the one most active in ensuring Friedan’s election as NOW’s first president.

In addition to Catherine East’s own reminiscences about her history-making role, speakers included attorney Richard Graham, former EEOC commissioner and NOW founding vice president who collaborated with East and other pioneers to win government implementation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ....government attorney Mary Eastwood, major co-founder of NOW and member of its Legal Committee and author with Pauli Murray of “Jane Crow and the Law” .... feminist author-activists Gloria Steinem and Kate Millett .... Sylvia Roberts of Baton Rouge, the lawyer who won NOW’s trailblazing case against Southern Bell and who served as early president of NOW Legal Defense & Education Fund ......  former EEOC lawyer Sonia Pressman Fuentes, who worked anonymously with NOW’s Legal Committee .... Mary Jean Tully, influential president of NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund ....; legendary African American lawyer-activist Flo Kennedy… early New York NOW presidents Jean Faust, TiGrace Atkinson and Ivy Bottini .... African American leader Evelyn Cunningham, head of the New York State Women's Bureau under Governor Nelson Rockefeller.

LINK: 1993  May 26th  Honoring Catherine East


Equality, I am Woman (Al Sutton)

This inspirational short film of the 1970 Women's Strike for Equality features the music of Helen Reddy, narration by Gloria Steinem and Jacqui Ceballos, and excerpts from Betty Friedan's speech in Bryant Park, images by photojournalist Bettye Lane and others. The historic archival footage documents the largest gender equality event in US history, where fifty thousand gathered in New York City to celebrate. It also acknowledges the contribution of the early pioneer feminists.


Town Bloody Hall - APRIL 30, 1971

 Pennebaker Hegedus Films

Directors: Chris Hegedus, D.A. Pennebaker
Writers: Germaine Greer (book), Jill Johnston (book) | 2 more credits »
Stars: Norman Mailer, Germaine Greer, Diana Trilling | See full cast & crew »

First Blood In The Debate On Women’s Liberation

On the evening of April 30, 1971, a standing room only audience of local literati and feminists packed New York City’s Town Hall to watch Norman Mailer, who had just written The Prisoner of Sex, grapple with a panel of passionate feminists. The subject was Women’s Liberation, an issue on which Mailer seemed like the devil’s own advocate.

There to test him was a fearsome panel of feminist representatives, among them journalist and lesbian spokeswoman, Jill Johnston; legendary literary critic Diana Trilling; president of The National Organization of Women (NOW), Jacqueline Ceballos; and possibly his toughest match, the glamorous and razor-tongued author of The Female Eunuch, Germaine Greer.

On the streets it was simply Mailer versus Greer in a knockdown debate on women’s liberation. The event, produced by Shirley Broughton and her ongoing Theater For Ideas, turned into true theater for the celebrity-stuffed audience, who vigorously offered opinions and roared their approval and disdain throughout the raucous affair. It remains the most stimulating and entertaining action to date in the continuing comedy / drama of the war between the sexes and is reverently referred to by writers on the subject.

Link: Town Bloody Hall Disc 1 of 1


"Events for which still photos, momentos and videos are not available."


with speeches by Gloria Steinem, Judge Emily Goodman and others

SALUTE TO GLORIA STEINEM, December 1995,  Park Avenue Armory, NYC
Talks by Marlo Thomas, Flo Kennedy, Kate Millett, Phyllis Chesler, Barbara Seaman

*Video for this event was damaged. Included  are still photos, invitation and printed program.
Sewall-Belmont House in Washington, DC
Honorees/Speakers: Hon. Patricia Schroeder, Cathryn Adamsky, Kathryn Avery,
Mary Condon Gereau, Jean Ledwith King, Maura McNiel, Karline Tierney, Kappie Spencer. 

Also Present: Betty Friedan, Eleanor Smeal, Patricia Ireland. 

Newcomb College,New Orleans.
Photos and transcripts. Honorees included Sylvia Roberts, NOW president Kim Gandy,
Roberta Madden
and Karline Tierney (head of Louisiana ERA) 
[1] To be compiled and shipped on or before December 31 2008

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