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 Sheila Tobias

Faces of Feminism - An activist's Reflections on the Women's Movement

  1. The Future of Feminism: Lessons from Our Past
  2. Feminism Remembered; Feminism Divided
  3. Why Feminists Wouldn't Abandon Clinton
  4. Women in Science, Women and Science

In her narrative history of the second wave of feminism, Sheila Tobias concludes that the "Movement" with a capital M may be over, but the "movement" of American women into power and into the mainstream is unstoppable. How this came about, the future of feminism, and why feminists were so loathe to abandon President Clinton in 1997-98 are topics she addresses in her talks (1), (2), and (3). In (4), she goes beyond and beneath the statistics and examines the underlying paradigmatic "ideology" of access and advancement of women in science. She suggests that multiple strategies are called for, some of which may appear on the surface to be contradictory. She ends with a discussion of what employers should do and what young women in science can do to counter the dominant paradigm.

Betty Rollin says "This is the book about feminism that brings everything into focus -- that offers wise and lively interpretation and is just a plain wonderful read!"

Westview Press - 5500 Central Ave. Boulder, CO 80301-2877.


Overcoming Math Anxiety, and Succeed with Math
Math Anxiety: An Update

Sheila Tobias first wrote Overcoming Math Anxiety in 1978. In her updated version, published by W. W. Norton in 1994 (and in paperback in 1995), she enlarges on her analysis of the attitude and approach variables that interfere with students' performance in college-level mathematics. Their problem, she finds, is not a failure of intellect but a failure of nerve. Above all, she challenges the notion that "math anxiety" is a disability. "Math Anxiety" can be overcome.

Her second book, Succeed with Math, tells teachers and students (college age and older) how to approach mathematics and master it without anxiety. Her books and her talks are particularly pertinent to the issue of access for minorities and women. She brings a video tape of a math anxiety session along.

Visit Sheila Tobias' Website for MORE OF HER INCREDIBLE BOOKS: http://www.sheilatobias.com/


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