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by Sally Wendkos Olds
Art by Margaret Roche

In 1993 writer Sally Wendkos Olds from Port Washington, New York and artist Margaret Roche from Evanston, Illinois were the first western women to visit the village of Badel, nestled in Nepal's eastern hills. They returned four more times, living with families each time, and in their book, graced by Roche's impressionistic sketches of the villagers, these two mature women from a sophisticated society show what they learned from people who live and work as they have for centuries in a hamlet with no electricity, no telephones, no modern sanitation.

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Sterling Publishing 
is proud to announce the publication of 

Super Granny Great Stuff to do with Your Grandkids 
by Sally Wendkos Olds 

A Note from Sally

I’m really excited about Super Granny. I’ve written about my earlier life stages like breastfeeding and being a working parent, and it was fun to explore this newest phase of my life—especially since grandmothering is so different now in so many ways from what it used to be. Talking with other grandmas around the U.S. and abroad and then writing about what they love to do with their grandkids was wonderful; I even included a few of my own favorite activities. I learned a lot and think you will too! 

I hope that all these true stories about real people will inspire, inform, amuse, and fuel you with lots of good ideas for making memorable every moment spent with your grandkids. (Well, nearly every moment—let's be realistic here!) 

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About the Book

Super Granny offers an up-to-the-minute 21st-century treasure trove of activities that help grandmothers enjoy, communicate, and really connect with their grandchildren. Sally Olds, a grandmother of five, talked to other grandmothers about what they love to do with their grandkids, and came up with 75 lively, fun-to-read narratives bursting with creative ideas and clear how-to directions. Most are free or dirt-cheap, simple to do, and even work for grannies who don’t live near the kids. With something for the most computer-savvy to the most traditional, and for infants to adolescents, Super Granny has the perfect activity for every grand-pair.

Praise for Super Granny

“Sally Wendkos Olds’s excellent book is a must read for all grandparents, especially those that ever wondered what to do with their grandchildren on a rainy day.—Arthur Kornhaber, M.D., president of the Foundation for Grandparenting

“A great book for granny's (and grandfathers) who don't want to depend on the amount of money spent to enjoy grandkids, but instead depend on imagination, and ingenuity…a treasure of tips for giving every grandkid lasting experiences and valued memories."—Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. (Dr. Toy)

“If you've ever needed grandparenting inspiration, meet Super Granny! This book…lives up to its title.”—GRANDPARENTS.about.com.

“I'm halfway through Super Granny already. I love it!”—Sally's granddaughter, Lisa.

Contact Sally: wendkos07@yahoo.com

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