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Ruth Rosen

Published by Viking Books

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How The Modern Women's Movement Changed America

"Bursts of artillery fire, mass strikes, massacred protesters, bomb explosions-these are our images of revolution. But some revolutions are harder to recognize: no cataclysms mark their beginnings or ends, no casualties are left lying in pools of blood. Though people may suffer greatly, their pain is hidden from public view. Such was the case with the modem women's movement." With these words, Ruth Rosen takes the reader on an unforgettable journey through the last half of the twentieth century, charting the accomplishments and failures of a movement that both addressed-and accelerated-the astonishing changes that transformed American society. Starfing with the early years of the Cold War, Rosen explores how American politics and culture shaped the distinct nature of the women's movement.

At the same time, she convincingly argues that the greatest accomplishment of the movement was its profound transformation of our politics, our culture, and our lives. Weaving together ten years of archival research and interviews, Rosen turns the long and complicated history of the women's movement into a compelling and coherent narrative. With uncompromising integrity, she challenges us to understand how the women's movement has forever altered our lives and why the revolution is far from over. An extraordinary achievement, this is the long awaited history that will attract both men and women, entice educators and students, beguile movement veterans and captivate those who came of age in the wake of this revolution.

Viking 448 pp. 0-670-81462-8 $27.95

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