Veteran Feminists of America


Rosalynn Baxandall 
Feminist Historian and Activist, Dies at 76
October 13, 2015 

Sadly we report the death of another great feminist, Ros Baxandall. Ros and I were on the David Susskind show, FOUR ANGRY WOMEN, with Kate Millett and Anselma del Olio in 1967. Susskind at first treated us like silly women, but he  changed his tune when he realized we were serious. When he asked us what would we do about our discontent I said "Women should join the National Organization for Women", and I gave the mailing center address. Ros told  everyone to join Women's Liberation -- and she gave the address of the center, a space the city had given the WLM. 

The show was aired in a different state each month, and both addresses received hundreds of calls. We were thrown out of our NOW mailing service, as too many calls came in. I opened a special address and as calls came in I'd answer and tell each woman to "Join the National Organization for Women and/or start a local chapter."  Ros did the same, giving the address of the new Women's Center, a free space the city had given the WLM groups.   The rest is history!

Jacqui Ceballos