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From Publishers Weekly
Women played leading roles in the first Christian communities; Jesus' teachings had a feminist bent; ancient Hebrews worshipped the prehistoric goddess-mother well into monarchic times; and Nazis, with their system of male dominance, were a direct throwback to the Indo-European or Aryan invaders whom they crudely imitated. These controversial ideas and findings suggest the thrust of Eisler's highly readable synthesis. She convincingly documents the global shift from egalitarian to patriarchal societies, interweaving new archeological evidence and feminist scholarship. In her scenario, as womenonce veneratedwere degraded to pawns controlled by men, social cooperation gave way to reliance on violence, hierarchy and authoritarianism. The book, despite its jargon, is an important contribution to social history. Eisler wrote The Equal Rights Handbook.
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From Library Journal
In this first of a projected three-book series, Eisler covers terrain also described by Marilyn French in Beyond Power ( LJ 6/1/85) and Gerda Lerner inThe Creation of Patriarchy ( LJ 7/86). In prehistorical times, Eisler argues, women and men lived together in egalitarian communities devoted to nurturance; with the imposition of male domination, female values gave way to creeds of hierarchy, aggression, power, obedience. Eisler, a futurist, posits a new society based on the recovery of more humane values. She gives us a broader reach of time than Lerner, and she does not swamp her outline in detail as French did. An imaginative and persuasive work, Eisler's effort is undermined by jargon; her view of the future is exceedingly optimistic. For a select audience. Cynthia Harrison, American Historical Assn., Washington, D.C.

Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, honored Riane Eisler, President of the Center for Partnership, with a Doctorate degree at their 2005 Commencement Ceremony, May 15, 2005, for “having exemplified the highest ideals and standards” in her work and life. In awarding this honor the Provost of the University, said of Riane and the Center:

“Few people on earth embody the values of integrity and respect, mentorship and diversity, and partnership and social responsibility more completely than Riane Eisler. Through her nonprofit Center for Partnership Studies, she has introduced a holistic model for human rights policy and action that fully integrates the rights of women and children. Through her work at the Center, and through her books, creative research, and untiring ability to take action, she serves as a leader and inspiration to all who believe that life should be based on harmony with nature, nonviolence, and equality.”

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