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Louise Bernikow

The American Women's Almanac

Contact Louise: Weezieman@aol.com

Here is a new American history.

It is full of charmers and cranks, visionaries and lost souls, and amazingly heroic women. The American Women's Almanac shows how women of all races have, individually and together, challenged injustice and pushed aside narrow definitions of womanhood.

The only book of its kind, this engaging volume is based on nearly thirty years of new research in women's studies, spanning three centuries of women's history.

Here are suffragists, labor organizers, trumpeters, sex radicals, singers, dancers, sculptors, architects - and especially bad girls and rebels.

A provocative chronicle of women's road to freedom, accompanied by hundreds of illustrations and photographs that bring history to life, The American Women's Almanac shows just how far women have come.

Available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon Books and most othe bookstores

Contact Louise: Weezieman@aol.com


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