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Leota Korns

Somewhere Out in the Westhttp://vfa.us/leotakorns3.jpg 
by ISBN 1-4033-3342-4

"Somewhere Out In The West", novel by Leota Koms, shows us in dramatic form what talk show hosts Rush Limbaugh and others hammer home to us, and towering Alston Chase and attorney, William Perry Pendley, "War on the West" write for us.

Ms. Korns novel tells the struggle of developing in the West today. It pits the stalwart people of the West with their frontier neighborliness, against the newcomers, who want the West to remain as is except for sheep and cattle, and no water storage, so that rivers run wild and free.

In this background developer Judith Sandstrom meets documentary film producer Robert Markham and they share the same experiences.

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Leota Korns
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E-mail Leota at: leotakorns@frontier.net

Visit Leota's website: http://www.somewhereoutinthewest.com


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