Veteran Feminists of America

June Bundy Csida

Her Spirit Lives On

September 29, 2006

June Bundy Csida was a member of Los Angeles NOW since 1970 when she coordinated a search for surviving pre-World War I suffragists to participate in NOW's historic Women's Strike for Equality celebration on August 26. The event marked the 50th anniversary of the day women won the right to vote.

Inspired by those gallant pioneer feminists, one of whom, Ernestine Kettler, served a jail sentence for picketing the Wilson White House, Ms. Csida became active in Los Angeles NOW and filled various chapter offices (vice president, secretary, public relations officer) throughout the '70s. Also during those years she assisted NOW's National Vice President Toni Carabillo with media relations and was a contributor and columnist for the National NOW Times.. In 1971, she persuaded several Los Angeles TV and radio stations-including two network outlets-to create and air public service spots for NOW, a first for the organization.

In 1972, she set up a special public forum on the then- startling theme Rape - the Number One Crime Against Women. The following year she and her husband, Joseph Csida, also a long-time NOW member, wrote Rape (How To Avoid It And What To Do About It If You Can't), the first book-length feminist treatment of the shocking facts about the under-reported, under-prosecuted crime against women and children.

Ms. Csida was also the author of: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, The 19th Century Renaissance Woman; American Entertainment, a Unique History of Popular Show Business (with Joseph Csida), a chronological history of events in music, theatre, films, television, radio, dance, vaudeville, circus, fairs and carnivals since Colonial days; and A Complete Guide to Healthy Pets.

As a contributor to the World Book Encyclopedia Year Book for 14 years, Ms. Csida wrote annual reports on radio and television and many special features, including a special report on The Second Feminist Revolt, tracing the history of women's fight for equality from its origin in Seneca Falls, N.Y., in 1848 through 1972. She was also a contributor to The People's Almanac #1 and #2, writing on rape, murder, and animals.

As a writer-reporter for Billboard magazine for 15 years, Ms. Csida wrote record, night club, theatre, radio, and television reviews, eventually serving as TV-radio programming editor.

Ms. Csida scripted and researched the syndicated TV series Movie Museum, a history of silent cinema featuring the film library of D.W. Griffith's and other silent movie classics; a syndicated radio series, Show Ms!, a feminist tribute to women musical stars from the '20s to the '80s; and Billboard magazine's annual Yearbook, a syndicated radio series covering current events and best-selling records for rock, middle of the road, and country.

In 1986, she wrote a tribute to male feminists which was delivered by actor Ed Asner at NOW's 20th anniversary show.

At the age of 20, in an era when most women stayed at home or worked as secretaries, Ms. Csida went out on the road as advance agent for the top novelty band of the day, Spike Jones and His City Slickers. Prior to joining Billboard, she ran her own publicity agency in partnership with Auriel Macfie.

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