Veteran Feminists of America Obituary 


JOAN ISRAEL OF DETROIT, DIED DECEMBER 30, 2014 after a brief illness at the age of  84.   
Much loved and admired Joan, a  psychotherapist, was a founder of Michigan NOW and  worked for years with NOW and other organizations fighting for social  justice. As Michigan NOW's first vice president, she headed the Childcare committee and was a co-founder of Wayne County's Childcare Committee, also working nationally and internationally with childcare issues. 
She was Michigan  NOW's second president, and among other things, she challenged the licenses of local TV stations. Concerned about  about women and aging she organized conferences and co-authored  "Looking Ahead, Problems of Growing Older" and created two films, "Women Alone" about a single mother on welfare, and, "To Life",about three aging people.  
VFA mourns her death and sends condolences to her son , David Torgoff, and her daughter, who have told us that they will include VFA in the request for donations, and her family will make a donation to VFA in her name.


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