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A time of Our Own

In Celebration of Women over Sixty
Elinor Miller Greenberg and Fay Wadsworth Whitney


A guide for women in the “third third” of life

A Time of our Own is a must-read for today’s generation of
energetic and active women over sixty.

Denver, CO (8/1/2008)——Never before have people lived so long with such an bundance of resources at their disposal. There has never been a time in which women, in every phase of life, have had the opportunities that women have today. In 
A Time of Our Own, coauthors Elinor Miller Greenberg and Fay Wadsworth Whitney explore and celebrate the lives of contemporary women who are redefining and reinventing the third and final chapter of their lives.

This book speaks to a generation of women who were the pacesetters in creating new ways to balance family, work, and community activities as they encounter another era in their lives. It is also an essential guide for the baby boomers now turning sixty. Acknowledging that at age sixty a fresh set of life issues begins to appear, Greenberg and Whitney, through extensive interviews, research, and professional and personal experiences, address such subjects as:

  • The concept of the third third of life
  • Redefining and reinventing life after sixty
  • New roles, responsibilities, and relationships after sixty, including the roles of religion and spirituality
  • Work and volunteerism
  • Money matters
  • Health issues
  • Losses, regrets, and pains at this stage of life
  • New attitudes and advice to baby boomers
  • The future

“A pioneering work that helps all of us understand the dramatic changes in our world
that make growing older for women a new beginning …What a thorough, well-organized, well-written book. much-needed and significant exploration and celebration. ”
—Barbara Love, editor, 
Feminists Who Changed America, 1963-1975

Elinor Miller Greenberg is designer and administrator of innovative higher education programs for adults. She has authored, coauthored, or edited nine books and numerous articles and pamphlets.

Fay Wadsworth Whitney is a career nurse practitioner and nursing faculty member.She is professor emeritas of nursing at the Fay W.Whitney School of nursing at the University of Wyoming. Both she and Elinor Greenberg are wives, mothers, and grandmothers.

For more information on A Time of Our Own, please visit www.fulcrumbooks.com.

Contact Elinor: Ellie.Greenberg@UCHSC.edu


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