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The First 5000 Years 
by Elaine T. Partnow

The new edition (the 5th) of 
The Quotable Woman contains close to 19,000 quotations from the works of almost 3,700 women of 160 nationalities. An inclusive work, it embraces women of color and women from non-English speaking nations, women in the humanities, the sciences, politics, sports and business. There are 4 indexes: 1) Biographical, 2) Subject, 3) Nationality & Ethnicity, and 4) Profession or Occupation.

Elaine started work on the first edition of 
The Quotable Woman back in 1974. At that time her only professional experience was as an actor, and the longest paper she'd ever written was a twenty page dissertation for an English Lit class at UCLA. Elaine says that, for her, "research was like a rope that I climbed up, hand over hand, leg-up over leg-up: Learning about hundreds of women, most of whom I'd never of heard before, pulled me out of a dark hole into which I'd fallen. It has always been my greatest hope that the words collected here would serve a similar purpose for others -- as well as, of course, give visibility to our invisible past." Her research is on-going; already she is collecting for the next edition.

The Quotable Woman has been twice singled out by the American Library Association as an "outstanding reference work of the year," and is considered to be the standard in its field.

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