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Diana Alstad/Joel Kramer

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Diana Alstad and Joel Kramer (FrogLtd). This consciousness-expanding new take on the patriarchy will make your hairstand on end. Don't be deceived by the title.Patriarchy uses the "sacred" to get people to sacrifice to it, and defines being "good" as sacrificing to whatever it decrees a "higher" priority. (Gurus are the ultimate patriarchs). Since women get the biggest dose of this, we have more guilt putting ourselves first.

(Diana Alstad, a founding member of New Haven Women's Liberation and of the New Haven Radical Feminist Collective, taught one of the first Women's Studies Courses and co-founded Women's Alliances at both Yale and Duke.A Woodrow Wilson Fellow,she received herPh.D fromYale in l971. She and Joel Kramer have led seminars on relationships, yoga and Eastern thought at Esalen and other growth centers.)



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