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by Carol Rowell Council 
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Told in the personal and political, Council's book is a fascinating read. The pages turn themselves! Women's Studies may be the most important development of the Feminist Movement. That it is in almost every university in America assures that silence about women’s oppression from time immemorial has been lifted, and creates forces to fight for women's freedom worldwide.” ." Alice Donenfeld, attorney, TV producer, former NOW speaker, NY. "Carol Council brings the feeling and passion of the times so close you can hear the music and feel the angst of those struggling for women to attain their rightful place in universities, work and the world. Following generations owe her a debt… This book is a must for all to read - lest we forget..Jacqui Ceballos - founder and president, Veteran Feminists of America.
Number of pages:278 

About the Author: 

Carol Rowell Council has a B.A in Public Administration from SDSU, and an M.F.A. in Art History from Rosary College Villa Schifanoia in Florence, Italy. She is the former director of the San Diego Women’s History Museum and Educational Center. At age 21, in 1969, Rowell Council co-founded the first women’s studies program in the world, the Women’s Studies Department at San Diego State University. While still a student, she served as faculty, teaching a course in Field Experience. Today there are over 700 women’s studies programs in the U.S. In 1972 she helped found The Center for Women’s Studies and Services (now the Center for Community Solutions), where she was director for 20 years. The Center started a domestic violence shelter, a rape crisis center, and organized arts festivals, poetry readings, and performances. Today, Carol continues as a women’s rights activist, an art historian, and public speaker. She is at work on a book of art historical fiction.

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