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The Things We Do To Make It Home
Beverly Gologorsky

This extraordinary first novel, reminiscent of Steinbeck for its clear, unadorned prose and sheer visceral impact, follows the fate of six couples in the wake of the Vietnam war. It is the story of the men who fought and returned home profoundly altered and the women who strove to create for them a safe haven, yet who could do little more in the end than bear silent witness to their pain. It is a story of deep hungers, the brevity of solace, and the limits of devotion to help those we love.

In 1973, stateside and seemingly whole, Rooster, Frankie, Rod and the others begin getting on with their lives. They buy houses, get married, find jobs. But beneath the surface activity, there's a dangerous fault line that constantly threatens to crack open and shatter everything built upon it.

Twenty years later, Vietnam still permeates every facet of their lives and has spread like an invisible gas to envelop everyone around them.

Brilliantly constructed, told in a voice so original and starkly powerful it sears itself into the reader's consciousness, 
The Things We Do To Make It Home is destined to be among the most important novels ever written about the legacy of Vietnam. 

Beverly Gologorsky has been an activist in the women's and peace movements. She lives in New York and works in legal-medical publishing.Her partner, Charles Wiggins, lives in New England, where Gologorsky spends a good deal of time. She has a daughter, Georgina. 

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