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Bettye died on her 82nd birthday, September 19th , 2012 of cancer at Beth Israel Hospital in New York City. She'd gone to the hospital for a check up a few weeks before. As far as we know, she wasn't aware that she had cancer.
Dell Williams, Bettye Lane, Joan Nixon
In 1971 Bettye visited me in my apartment on West 68th Street when I was president of New York NOW. The National Observer had sent her to cover a NOW demonstration, and she wanted information about it. I gave her the information and also suggested NOW members she should know and urged her to check out other planned NOW actions . For the next ten years Bettye was at almost every big feminist event recording it for our history. Her photo , taken at the Houston conference in 1977 graces the cover of Feminists Who Changed America. She retired a few years ago, but at our request she came to VFA's event honoring lawyers to photograph Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 2008.
Bettye's funeral service is taking place in Boston Tuesday, September 25th. To send condolences to her family, address your mail to her niece and nephew, Donna and Gary, c/o the Tobin and Mitchell Funeral Home, 666 Mass. Ave, Boston Mass. 02118.
You may send your condolences also to some of her dearest friends, Dell Williams -; Barbara Love, and Carole DeSaram, and/or to VFA, which treasured her dearly. Betty left a fabulous legacy for the feminist movement, which will live on forever.
Pictured in photo right: Dell Williams, Bettye Lane and Joan Nixon. Photo by Joan Roth
A memorial will be planned for her later this year.
Jacqui Ceballos, President, VFA


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