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Alice Kessler-Harris
Women, Men and the Quest for Economic
Citizenship in Twentieth-Century America 

$35.00 - ISBN: 0-19-503835-5 - 374 pp.
Publication date.- 09.27.01

In 1937, the United States Supreme Court sustained a Georgia law that allowed women to pay a lower poll tax than men. In 1937, this seemed quite fair, since women were expected to stay at home with children, and men worked outside of the home to earn a living for the entire family. In Alice Kessler-Harris' new book, she explores how gender helped to shape some of the key elements of twentieth- century American social policies. Kessler-Harris reveals the powerful role gender performed in producing differential access to resources for men and women. She also demonstrates how race and gender have intersected to restrict the claims of many Americans to full economic citizenship. 

By providing a feminist context for examining the government-institutionalized laws and programs, Kessler-Harris opens the door for discussion and reassessment of economics based on the ever-evolving role women. 
IN PURSUIT OF EQUITY is a challenging, vigorous analysis that tells a crucial part of the story of how gender has shaped the rules by which we live. Kessler-Harris offers here a major contribution to feminism, economics, and U.S. history.

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