Ann Snitow Died on August 10, after Finishing her Sixth Book

In "Remembering Ann Snitow, the Feminist Activist Who Embraced Uncertainty," Alix Kates Shulman presents the portrait of the writer, teacher, and unstoppable organizer who was "a founding member of one crucial radical feminist group after another." A founding member of New York Radical Feminists, Snitow also co-founded CARASA (Committee for Abortion Rights and Against Sterilization Abuse), No More Nice [...]

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Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize-Winning Novelist, Passes at 88

"Ms. Morrison placed African Americans, particularly women, at the heart of her writing at a time when they were largely relegated to the margins both in literature and in life. With language celebrated for its lyricism, she was credited with conveying, as powerfully or more than perhaps any novelist before her, the nature of black life in America, from slavery [...]

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Dr. Eleanor Pam and the Pamela Smart Case

The Pamela Smart Case and some commentary by Dr. Eleanor Pam who has fought for her freedom for nearly 30 years. After reviewing all the footage for the Dateline show on Monday, July 29, the producers have decided to televise the Pamela Smart portion of the interviews and simultaneously post a separate piece on Eleanor and her work on [...]

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