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Report on the Feminist Reunion, June 10, 2017

On June 10, 2017 The Veteran Feminists of America held a feminist reunion in New York City at the famous progressive church, Judson Memorial, in Greenwich Village.

As Barbara Love pointed out in her welcoming remarks, the event was for all feminists—revolutionary, radical and reformists: “bad girls” and “nasty women” included. In fact the event attracted many feminists who had never been to a VFA event before. Everyone was there in good faith, recognizing we are all-in to fight for a better life for women and girls. A few brave men, historians and students joined the celebration.

Sybil, Donna, BarbaraAmong the many fabulous feminists in attendance were Kate Millett, Phyllis Chesler, Susan Brownmiller, Alix Kate Shulman, Vivian Gornick, Heather Booth, Judy Norsegian, Merle Hoffman, Muriel Fox and Yolanda Bako.

Many of us had joined the Movement over 50 years ago. We were able to makes things easier for several people in wheelchairs and some with walkers. In addition we REMEMBERED our deceased sisters and heroes, with posters taped around the room.

SmilesIn all about 130 attendees gathered; met with old friends and comrades; enjoyed sandwiches, fruit and brownies. Projected, on a wall in the background, were photos sent by feminists and accompanied by women’s music.

The VFA Feminist Reunion Committee pulled it all together. Co-Chairs, Barbara Love and Carole DeSaram. Treasurer, Joanne Depaolo, and Ann Jawin. VFA President, Eleanor Pam, played a key role from beginning to the end.

The main event was a Speak Out at an open mic guided by Carole DeSaram. The theme was We Will Not Go Back! While not everyone prepared remarks, a few did. Below are remarks by Susan Brownmiller, Robert Brannon, and Alix Shulman. Their remarks are noteworthy.


Feminist Reunion 2017 – We Won’t Go Back

Women of the World Unite!June 10, 2017 – 1:30 – 4:30

55 Washington Street South
New York, NY 10012

  • Women’s music
  • Open mike
  • Meet your friends
  • FREE DVD of Women’s Music & Feminists’ favorite photos
  • Handicap Accessible

Join with us in collecting, creating & sharing our photos.

Email your favorites today to
Joan Casamo
(If you can, include names, place, date & photographer )

We will show them and play them on a loop at the Reunion and make them all available on a free keepsake DVD.

Look for our emails soon.

Questions?  Email us.

VFA Shares Our Stories in North Carolina

An exciting VFA event — “Sharing Our Stories:  The Second Wave Feminist Movement” – – took place in Durham, North Carolina, on Friday, March 31.

Noted historian Dr. Nancy MacLean kicked off the day with a keynote speech introducing the wide range of women’s activism. MacLean is the William H. Chafe Professor of History, Public Policy and Women’s Studies at Duke University.

The remainder of the program for the day was an intergenerational conversation between Second Wave activists and young historians who are researching, writing and teaching about the women’s movement of the 1960s and ‘70s.

This unique format was suggested by young historians when VFA inquired as to how feminist activists could get their stories told. The scholars’ response was to create a format with an intergenerational dialogue in order to share these stories directly.

Second Wave activists and historians were grouped to interact in panels on common issues.  This produced a conversation that was both in the current moment and suggestive of a planning session from 40 years ago. The conversations provided an opportunity for Second Wave activists to interact with those who will be writing our history – and help to actually shape that history.


 Sharing Our Stories:
The Second Wave Feminist Movement

Sharing Our StoriesFriday, March 31, 2017

Durham Hilton
Durham, North Carolina

Visit the Official Website for Details and Tickets:

Historians and Feminists:
An Intergenerational Conversation

A dialogue between Second Wave activists and young historians will ensure that the full story of the Women’s Movement is told to current day historians who are researching, writing and teaching about women’s history and women’s issues.

Panel discussions:  
Grassroots Organizing; Law and Government;
Employment Activism

Each features three Second Wave activists and three historians.

Keynote Address: Dr. Nancy MacLean

Reception and Dinner: A Salute to Southern Feminists

Second Wave feminists from southern states will be honored at a celebratory reception and awards dinner. Deceased feminists will be honored in memoriam.

Please suggest southern feminists to be honored; for a nomination form, send an email to


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