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Marilyn Fitterman

Why I Marched – A Memoir

Marilyn Fitterman is a feminist activist, mother of five, and grandmother of nine. She served from 1988 to 1992 as President of the National Organization for Women – New York State. She was also National NOW Northeast Regional Director, President of National NOW Presidents’ Caucus, and a co-founder of Long Island, NY NOW-PAC (Political Action Committee). Fitterman also served as Long Island East End NOW President, and in later years chaired the East Hampton Town Anti-Bias Task Force. She is an experienced lobbyist and has often spoken around the country on First Amendment free speech, church/state separation, abortion and reproductive rights.


Marilyn Heins, MD

A Traveler’s Guide to Geriatrica

November 2020

How come a retired pediatrician wrote a book on aging? This retired pediatrician became a nonagenarian! Who is this book for? All us Medicare kids, those already dwelling in Geriatrica, new immigrants, children of aging parents, caretakers of the elderly, and any curious young adults who figure they will be old one day.


Lois Kathryn Herr

Women, Power, and AT&T: Winning Rights in the Workplace

March 2020

Fifty years ago, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) successfully challenged AT&T’s employment practices. This book documents a little-known but important stage in the fight for equal employment opportunity for women and does so with the author’s unique insight gained as a player in the action.



William B. Friedricks

Unstoppable: The Nine Lives of Roxanne Barton Conlin

June 2020

Unstoppable is the first in-depth biography of Roxanne Barton Conlin, who rose from a difficult childhood where she faced an abusive father, to become a leading Iowa attorney, feminist, political candidate, and community leader dedicated to fighting for the underdog.

Unstoppable website


Alix Kates Shulman and Honor Moore, co-editors

The new Library of America anthology:

Women’s Liberation!: Feminist Writings Which Inspired a Revolution & Still Can

February 2021

Its 600 pages contain 90 entries, from 1963 (Friedan) to 1991 (Faludi), with 22 pages of photos, including a portrait of Friedan. Naturally, the book (and our Introduction) begins with The Feminine Mystique—the entire opening chapter!  And Betty is a presence throughout the book, as her influence on many of the writers therein is mentioned in our headnotes.

The book was released on Feb 16, 2021 and it has received a splendid review from Publishers Weekly:

Publisher’s Weekly

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Paula G. Cullison

Downloadable Free at

Paula: A Girl from Brooklyn

February 2021

Half the book is focused on Paula’s feminist activities and social activism, which began in the early 70s.

PaulaCullison books

Dear Woman of My Dreams by Riane EislerRiane Eisler

Brilliant Riane Eisler, author of the iconic, The Chalice and the Blade.

Contributor to:
Women of wisdom Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women
March, 2017

Women of Wisdom is an inspiring book of spiritual, academic and artistic contributions from professionals and lay people who share their experience of being women and celebrate the power of the feminine spirit.

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Cyberness: The Future Reinvented by Riane EislerCyberness; The Future Reinvented
July, 2014

Cyberness is a new term referring to a positive state of the future. Cyberness is a vision of a new world, including a new way to look at society, at the economy, and the forms to which we need to harness Cyber-Age. The fundamental principles of Cyberness are partnership, care and creation. Cyberness describes future living, where we blend real and virtual worlds, we embed artificial intelligence for creating a sustainable decent life for all inhabitants on the planet.

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Dear Woman of My Dreams by Lois Kathryn HerrLois Kathryn Herr

Dear Woman of My Dreams
May, 2016
Publisher, Xlibris

Dear Woman of My Dreams is Kathryn’s 1923 diary, covering her nineteenth year. This coming-of-age story is told in her own words as she goes about her daily life at college with her friends and with her mother and grandmother at home. She writes to the woman that she sees as herself in later years, and the book closes with a brief chapter based on letters and the diary Kathryn wrote when she was one hundred years old. All this has been creatively edited by her daughter to include enough material for the reader to follow both the cross-country train trip that Kathryn and her grandmother took in the summer of 1923 and the various details of time and place that one would not necessarily find in a diary. Illustrations and references link four generations of strong women, and the work is based on an extensive family archive. This is the first in a series of stories based on the women of this family.

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Holocaust Heroes: Fierce Females by Linda SteinLinda Stein

Holocaust Heroes: Fierce Females, Tapestries and Sculpture
May 12, 2016
Old City Publishing

Replete with extraordinary full-color images, Holocaust Heroes: Fierce Females, Tapestries and Sculpture by Linda Stein, includes a foreword by Gloria Steinem, essays by notable scholars and intimates, as well as the artist, and was published by Old City Publishing. A page-turner, this book tells the story of Stein’s traveling exhibition and educational initiatives, celebrating ten female heroes during the time of the Holocaust. It inspires readers to re-imagine their own roles as Brave Upstanders protecting the well-being of others against bullies and bigots.

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