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The VFA Pioneer Histories Project

The activists of the Second Wave feminist movement literally changed the world.  From 1965 to 1982, thousands of women (and men) from coast to coast took actions – small and large – that made our country more equitable for women.  Some of their stories are well known.  Many of their stories have never been told.

August 26, 1970, was the day the women’s movement roared into the public consciousness. To commemorate that day, we are adding the stories of eight more feminists to our collection.

The VFA Pioneer Histories Project is the personal history of the Second Wave women’s movement – one story at a time. Just click on the photo or name of any of the feminists below to see their personal page, which includes their interviews, transcripts and more information.

Carole DeSaram


Ruth Nemzoff


Phyllis Frank


Grace Welch

Simona Chazen

Vicki Moss

Mavra Stark

Judith Weis


Suzanne Doty

Heather Booth

Heather Booth

 Eleanor Pam

Eleanor Pam

 Muriel Fox

Muriel Fox


Marcy Syms

Ellen Snortland

Rosemary Trowbridge

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