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Welcome to the
Veteran Feminists of America

Welcome to the Veteran Feminists of America (the VFA). Here you will discover the women and men of the Second Wave of Feminism in America, what they did and what they are doing today.

On 5th Ave. NYC

From the Feminine Mystique, the Great Fifth Avenue March, the founding of NOW, Roe v. Wade to the 10 year campaign for the passage of the ERA, The Veteran Feminists of America changed the world. Today they are working hard to preserve their legacy and light others’ torches as they continue the march toward full equality under the law and leadership equity.

Introducing the VFA Pioneer Histories Project

The activists of the Second Wave feminist movement literally changed the world.  From 1965 to 1982, thousands of women (and men) from coast to coast took actions – small and large – that made our country more equitable for women.  Some of their stories are well known.  Many of their stories have never been told.

Telling those stories is the mission of the VFA Pioneer Histories Project.

VFA was created to honor, record and preserve the history of the accomplishments of individuals active in the feminist movement, and to preserve the movement’s history for future generations.

The Pioneer Histories Project is the means for achieving those goals.  We are interviewing Second Wave activists so they can tell their stories.  We are collecting previous existing interviews.  We are incorporating existing written biographies as well.

Our goal is to create as complete a history as possible for future historians – but also for the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Second Wave activists.

We want future generations to understand how things were for women in 1965 – and how we changed them.  We want them to know that the changes only came about through real battles.  And the individual stories of the activists who made that change are the stories of the movement – in cities and towns, large and small, all across the country.

This is the history of the Second Wave women’s movement – one story at a time.

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Enjoy your visit with The Veteran Feminists of America. Join the VFA, attend our events, share your stories with us and carry on. Come back often as we are always celebrating and creating history.

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